Bark Beetle

23. 11. 19:00 – 20:00

 Bark Beetle
Bark Beetle

Amálie Poledníčková & coll.

venue: PRAGOVKA ART DISTRICT. Warning: lighting effects are used in the performance. Not suitable for viewers with epilepsy.

venue map: Pragovka Art District, Kolbenova 923/34 A, Praha 9 – Vysočany


Sound-light installation 

As you walk on the border between an art installation and a theatrical performance, you will enter a forest. The military district of Březina is an area inaccessible to the public, one that is fighting a small but persistent enemy. A small bug that the harvesters' heavy weapons come up against. The landscape is collapsing, becoming alien. Everything must be destroyed without any remains. In the darkness of the forest two foresters try to bring light to a hopeless situation. How do you revive what is dead? Lifeless pieces of old sets become concrete objects, and out of the mosaic of authentic testimonies of the men responsible, who often have opposing views, a story is born. 

concept: Amálie Poledníčková   
light design: Ondřej Zunt, Petr Sychra 
music: Stanislav Pecháč 
performers: Barbora Dolanová, Amálie Poledníčková  
foresters: Radim Maleček, Přemysl Šulc 


Na cestě ke světlu (k živé instalaci Kůrovec v Divadle Archa) – Pavlína Drnková,, 23. 4. 2022 


The production was created as part of the Archa Theatre residency program supported by the EEA and Norway funds. Special thanks: Divadlo na cucky, Olomouc, Jiří Krliš and Richard Andrýsek.  








Supported by:


Fondy EHP a Norska


Hlavní město Praha


Státní fond kultury ČR


Pragovka Art District