The End

27. 11. 20:00 – 21:00

 The End
The End

Bertrand Lesca a Nasi Voutsas, HOME Manchester

In English with Czech subtitles.

In this piece, Bert and Nasi dance the end of their relationship, imagining what a future without each other migt look like. Above the stage, and projected onto a screen, two parallel narratives run alongside each other: the of the earth and the end of their collaboration. In the vein of their previous work it is a poignant, sad, and funny account of the ongoing ecological crisis. Their dance is a reminder and a celebration of our own mortality and that of everything around us.

"Time unravels and stretches on into infinity, but the end has never seemed closer". Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor
“Both insistently silly and unreservedly heart-rending” Guardian ****
"like shaking your muscles out, like a long-waited exhale of a show", Ava Wong Davies, Exeunt

WINNER Total Theatre Award for Judge's Discretionary Award 2019 
WINNER Be Festival's Audience's Award 2019


Bertrand and Nasi are two performance makers who met in 2015.
Devising projects in an age of austerity, their work is stripped right back and sits somewhere between live art and theatre, but if you held them against a wall they would probably say it's theatre.
In 2020, they were awarded with the Forced Entertainment Award in memory of Huw Chadbourn.









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